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Subject: Can audio/visual synchronization of reflexes affect cinema viewing?

Date: Wed Nov 28 11:00:58 2001
Posted by Joey
Grade level: undergrad School: Université de Moncton, Campus de Moncton
City: Moncton State/Province: New Brunswick Country: Canada
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 1006963258.Ns

I'm asking this because everytime i go to the cinemas, I'm always under the 
impression that sound and image aren't synchronized. My hypothesis is: since I 
have excellent visual reflexes, the visual information might be treated before 
the audio information, thus creating this minute gap between image and sound in 
movies. I was also wondering if Vitamin A, sodium and potassium intake affect 
reflex time. (Vitamin A for photoreceptors). Thank you!

Re: Can audio/visual synchronization of reflexes affect cinema viewing?

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