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Subject: What are the five climatic zones of the ancient greeks?

Date: Tue Dec 4 21:32:23 2001
Posted by Anita
Grade level: undergrad School: East Tennessee State University
City: Johnson City State/Province: Tennessee Country: USA
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 1007519543.Es

I have a take-home test in which we are allowed to use any source. I have been 
searching for any clue to this question for the past two hours and have found 
nothing. The closest thing I have is the Koppen classification system, but I 
have found nothing that says his system was derived from the ancient greeks. 
Help! You don't have to give me the answer if you don't want to, but a clue 
would be nice! Thanks.

Re: What are the five climatic zones of the ancient greeks?

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