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Re: what eats an amoeba?

Date: Wed Dec 19 17:36:14 2001
Posted By: Jackie Trischman, Faculty, Chemistry (Marine Natural Products), California State U., San Marcos
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 1007481011.Cb

Amoeba are protozoans.  As such, they are typically involved in the food 
web in a number of ways.  They eat algae and other protozoans (though they 
can also be parasitic, as in the case of amoboid dysentary).  Protozoans 
are eaten by zooplankton in the marine environment.  Here's the reason we 
have moved to the term "food web" rather than "food chain": Viruses and 
bacteria (through the release of enzymes) can cause an amoeba to lyse and 
spill its contents.  The result is that bacteria and microalgae can also 
feast on the amoeboid contents.  Yum!

Dr. T

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