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Subject: Old descriptions of gravitational theory in textbooks

Date: Wed Dec 12 07:07:50 2001
Posted by Ken
Grade level: nonaligned School: UCSD
City: San Diego State/Province: CA Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1008158870.Ph

    Do you know of an article or book which discusses
a theory of gravitation popular in the 1900s?  The
theory  explains gravitational attraction as being
caused by a difference in the strength (not the sign)
of the electric fields associated with the aggregate
protons and electrons in matter.  Hence, there would
be a net difference which would produce a universal
electrostatic attraction.  This theory was espoused by
Lorentz, but every article I find on it is highly
mathematical.  A referral to any popular or
undergraduate-level discussion would be greatly

Re: Old descriptions of gravitational theory in textbooks

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