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Re: with a celestron gt80 telescope should I be able to see the rings of saturn

Date: Sun Jan 6 05:13:10 2002
Posted By: Chris Lintott, Undergraduate, Physics
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1009861354.As

You certainly should be able to see the rings of Saturn! I'm not sure what to suggest other than to make sure that the telescope is in focus. When you're looking through the eyepiece, point the telescope at a faint star and make sure you have a sharp point not a disk. Then point the 'scope at Saturn and you should have no problem.

The other obvious thing is to make sure you're looking at the right object! Saturn is near Aldebaran, a bright star in Taurus, which through a small telescope, looks about the same colour. You can find a map on the Sky and Telescope, site which also has other observing tips.

The last thing---persevere! It is worth it in the end...

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