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Subject: What makes wet paper coil when dried?

Date: Sat Nov 24 08:48:11 2001
Posted by Jeanne
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Area of science: Chemistry
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I am intending to do this art experience with third grade kids. I want to give 
them a scientific explanation of why the paper stays coiled. Can you help? Here 
is the activity. 

Paper Coil 

construction paper 
permanent markers 
dowel or pencil or broom handle 
bowl of water 
duct tape or tack (use adult assistance if using a tack) 

1. Cut paper into strips about 1/4 inch wide and 5- 10 inches long. 
2. Decorate the paper with markers on both sides. It is fun to make it look like 
a snake. 
3. Dip the paper into the water. 
4. Put two fingers between the paper strips and release the extra water so the 
paper is not dripping. 
5. Duct tape one end of the paper strip to the dowel, pencil or broom handle. 
6. Wrap the paper strip around going along the dowel, pencil or broom towards 
the end. It will look like a long snake coiled around the pencil. 
7. Tape the ends and then put the dowel in a place where it can dry for several 
8. When dry uncoil the “snake” and notice that the paper will remain coil

Re: What makes wet paper coil when dried?

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