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Re: is doing an expeariment the same as doing reaserch?

Date: Wed Jan 23 04:40:43 2002
Area of science: Other
ID: 1011147405.Ot

Dear Kacey,
An experiment is usually used as a way of demonstrating some important 
fact of science or an experimental technique or process. The expected 
results are usually known by the teacher who has assigned the experiment 
to the class or student. On the other hand, Research, involves doing an 
experiment, usually to discover something new and unknown or to test 
someone else's results. The outcome is usually unknown, but it may have 
been predicted in the hypothesis that has been proposed by the 
experimenter or researcher. I would suggest that you go look up and read 
about the scientific method in your science book or on the internet or in 
an encyclopedia. If you have trouble finding information on this subject, 
please contact me through the mad scientist website and I will try to find 
and send you information and/or links to the information.
By the way, this is a very good and important question to ask and 
understand, as it's answer is the basis for how all scientific studies are 
conducted and why science works the way it does. Keep up the good question 
asking and keep searching for the answers and you will turn into a 
responsible and informed citizen and better yet a great scientist if that 
is what you want to become. Good luck in your school work and studies!

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