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Re: Why I am look like my parents?

Date: Mon Jan 28 04:31:40 2002
Posted By: Yvonne A. Simpson, Grad student, Pathology, Edinburgh University
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 1011202705.Ge

I'm not sure how old you are so I hope this is not too complicated.  Your 
parents each gave you half of their genes.  Their genes control what they 
and you look like.  You got half of your dad's genes and half of your mum's 
genes so that it why you look the way you do.  Now, your brother also got 
half of your dad's genes and half of your mum's but not necessarily the 
same half you got.  You will both have some the same but you will also have 
some different ones.  That is why youlook alike (because you share some 
genes) but also a bit different (because you don't share all your genes).  

Think of it like this.  Imagine that your mum  had a handful of coloured 
sweets.  If she, without looking at them, gave you half of the sweets then 
you would get certain colours - say red ones and blue ones.  Now, if she 
took a handful of all the same colours as last time and gave your brother 
half of them he might get some blue ones but say he also got some yellow 
ones - the sweets are like genes - you get a mixture - do you understand 

Hope this helped.

Best wishes, 

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