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Re: How could you find out experimentally if a trait is purebred or hybrid?

Date: Tue Feb 5 19:16:06 2002
Posted By: Michael Watson, Grad student, (biology) Have Undergrad degree in biomedical Engineering, Central CT State University
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 1012512358.Ge

To experimentally determine if a trait is purebread (dominant or 
recessive) you must mate a male and female of the same species and 
determine the phenotypic expression of the offspring.  It is best to 
perform such an experiment on a subject that has multiple births to 
compare multiple children.  If all offspring for one or more generations 
show the same trait without variation of some significance then you have a 
purebread dominant or recessive trait.

This is the only way I know to tell if a gene is heterozygous or 
homozygous.  See information on Gregor Mendel's experiments.  Note: you 
must know if there is only one gene specific to the trait.   If there are 
more than one gene (i.e. eye color) it would be very difficult to 

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