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Re: what you life be like with out cloning? What are the negitives and benifts?

Date: Tue Feb 12 09:58:28 2002
Posted By: Michael S. Robeson II, Core Nucleic Acid Analysis Manager
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 1012929237.Ge

Life would be very different without cloning. Think of how much the 
medical field has changed due to the benefits of cloning. Thanks to 
the technology thats developed over many long years of hard work, 
people with health problems like diabetes have a much improved life. 

Scientists were able to clone the gene that codes for the peptide 
insulin, which is missing in diabetes, into cells. These cells are grown 
(mass-produced) in huge amounts in large incubators. 

This helps people with diabetes to live longer and healthier lives. With out it 
they would have serious health problems and possibly die.

This is just one example of how cloning has help many people. Many other medical 
related treatments rely on cloning to produce the products to help people.

-Hope this helps.
-Browse for any site related to Diabetes and similar diseases.
-Any Biology and Genetics text will also contain some information 
about cloning.
-also try searching the Madsci archives

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