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Subject: Is it possible to generate and receive an gravitational field variation ?

Date: Sun Feb 3 11:33:24 2002
Posted by Daniel
Grade level: grad (science) School: University of Medicine Craiova
City: Rm. Valcea State/Province: Jud. Valcea Country: Romania
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1012754004.As

Hello there !

It is known that big masses can generate, by moving, an gravitational field. Is 
the case of big stars, like our Sun that curves the light ( which is coming to 
us beyond Sun ).

So, to generate an gravitational field, you mast move fast two very very dense 
masses. What can be use ? What if we can isolate and control the movement of an 
heavy nucleus ( Uranium for example ). We could transfer electromagnetic energy 
to the nucleus and then this one will oscilate and generate an gravitational 
field. The field would have a very low intensity. 

I know that, nowdays, the scientist try to "feel: the G-field by observing the 
moving of very heavi masses.The heavier the masses are, the higher is the 
chance to find something.
 But we can not obtain the density of a star, unles we use something really 
dense, for example..... the atomic nucleus.
So to receive the G-wave, we could use the same resonance device that we used 
for generating it ( an heavy nucleus oacillator).That oscilator will generate 
electric current, we`ll filter the noise by the means that it is completly 
random, then have a signal.

This would be a transceiver with almost infinite range !

Re: Is it possible to generate and receive an gravitational field variation ?

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