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Subject: What do I do to cause a homemade electromagnet to increase metalic polarity

Date: Mon Jan 28 11:16:28 2002
Posted by Steve
Grade level: 10-12 School: Crestwood High School
City: Sumter State/Province: SC Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1012234588.Ph

I am researching the power which I can create by wrapping wire around a 14 
ft. copper tube and attaching the wire ends to 4 batteries. This is only a small 
test because I plan to use the concept in larger matters. I am hoping to see how 
much power is produced through this proceedure to propel metal down it's 
structure (as the Wright brothers used a wooden track with weights to lauch 
their plane, so I hope to launch small gliders using this electromagnet.) the 
wire consists of 7 separate strands which are wrapped around each other. I 
believe they are telephone wires. I took a 14 ft. long copper tube which is 
about 1.5 inches in diameter and wrapped the wire around the entire length of 
the tube at an extremely close interval. once the entire tube was covered, I 
proceeded to attach each end to a separate six volt battery. I had already 
attached four of these batteries together and now the circuit is complete. 
However, when I suspended a piece of copper loosely above the structure the 
copper was unaffected. It seemed as though the current was not causing any 
polarity changes to the tube. My further research depends on this process but I 
have little experience with such matters. Please aid me in understanding how to 
cause the copper's polarity to increase so I can continue. Thank you.

Re: What do I do to cause a homemade electromagnet to increase metalic polarity

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