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Subject: cpu and ram timings

Date: Thu Oct 4 22:10:11 2001
Posted by nikhil
Grade level: 10-12 School: Benjamin Franklin High School
City: New Orleans State/Province: Louisiana Country: USA
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 1002247811.Cs

I am a junior at Benjamin Franklin High School in New Orleans,
Louisiana.  I would like to ask you for help concerning an IRP on the
topic of RAM and CPU speeds.  The project will entail the measuring of
data throughput in both RAM and cpu.  Before now, system ram speeds
and cpu processing speeds were separated greatly.  However, with the
advent of RDRAM and DDR ram, there is no longer a clear picture on
which part of the system can cause slow-downs as the access speeds are
neck and neck.  Originally this project was going to measure
throughput to latency ratios in DDR and RDRAM during actual use, but
due to the uncertainty of what may actually cause slowdowns in use,
the project has been rethought.  As I am not so knowledgeabe as to
know how to carry out such a project on my own, I would like to ask if
you could please refer me to some resources, or people to help
me. Please help me make this project a reality.

Re: cpu and ram timings

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