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Subject: how do i grow bacteria?

Date: Wed Feb 20 22:46:15 2002
Posted by Vanessa
Grade level: 7-9 School: sonrise Christian school
City: covina State/Province: ca Country: u.s.a
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 1014263175.Mi

I am doing an experiment and i am seeing if regulsr soap is better than 
antibacterial soap and i am going to use petri dishes. i heard somewhere that 
if you put the dishes with the bacetria on them in a container with a tealight 
candle lit in it with the container closed the candle will take all the oxygen 
out and burn out and the bacteria will grow better with carbon dioxide, is this 
true? i am wondering if i need to close the petri dishes when i let the 
bacteria grow? and if the bacteria needs anything to feed on on the petri 
dishes, do i just let it grow on the carbon dioxide? thank you very much for 
your time and i really apreciate you answering my letter. 

Re: how do i grow bacteria?

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