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Subject: What does the different colors of rust mean, chemically.

Date: Sat Feb 23 15:23:32 2002
Posted by David Hanaway
Grade level: 7-9 School: Central Middle School
City: Anchorage State/Province: AK Country: USA
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1014495812.Ch

I did a science experiment to test if bacteria filled water would cause 
increased rusting of iron.  In the course of my experiment, I observed that the 
sterile and control iron APPEARED to have more rust, and that it was a gold 
color.  The bacteria iron APPEARED to have less, but it was reddish.  At the 
end of my experiment, I weighed the rust samples, and found that the red rust 
weighed more, even though there appeared to be less of it.  So I wonder if the 
redder rust means that more of the iron was oxidized?  Thanks

Re: What does the different colors of rust mean, chemically.

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