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Re: difference between homogenized milk and whole milk?

Date: Wed Mar 6 07:11:26 2002
Posted By: Joe Regenstein, Faculty, Food Science
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 1015283261.Gb

Whole milk is what comes from the cow. If you leave it sit around for a 
while it will "cream" -- the fat globules will rise and form a cream 
layer, the milk below will be a partially "skim" milk. However, most 
consumers don't want to see this separation so the dairy 
industry "homogenizes" the milk -- by passing the milk through a high 
pressure system -- the fat droplets are broken into much smaller droplets 
and their surfaces become coated with protein and thus they are much more 
stable (though with enough time the cream would still rise -- but by then 
the milk would be spoiled). So when we normally buy milk it 
is "homogeneous" thanks to homogenization.

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