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Re: why does the human head grow more quickly than the rest of the body

Date: Fri Mar 15 03:34:48 2002
Posted By: Mark Lawson, Staff, Ultrasonics, LubbockUltrasound
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 1003864561.An


I learned recently that if you are a baby inside your momma's womb, and 
for some reason you don't get the nutrition that you are supposed to be 
getting, that the head grows at a faster or normal rate while the abdomen 
and the rest of the body may slow down in growth.  

The reason I learned and I'm sorry I don't have the exact references 
because it was sort of an anatomy lesson rather than a great work or study.
Anyway the reason is the the way blood flows into your heart when you are 
a fetus.  Yep, it has to do with your heart.  You see your heart when you 
were a fetus is different than it is now.  As a fetus you had a foramina 
ovale, a little hole between the atria or top two chambers of the heart 
and the turbulent flow of blood through that little hole allowed increased 
nutrient flow (and oxygen) to head up to the head first.  Consequently 
more food, faster growth, less food, growth to the brain first. Comprende 

In conclusion let me say that this is my first reply to a question of this 
sort over the internet Mad Scientist URL so I eagerly await your reply to 
my success or failure in helping with your question.  You can only do the 
best you can, me too.  Adios.

Mark Evan Lawson, RDMS
Lubbock, By God, Texas

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