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Re: How does email routing work? Why are forwarders useful?

Date: Sun Apr 7 17:53:47 2002
Posted By: Justin Miller, currently unemployed with B.S. in computer science
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 1007581413.Cs

There are no name translation tables for individual e-mail addresses.  For
example, you have your e-mail forwarded to a different account, but someone
else on your ISP may not.  DNS routing tables only work for the domain name
itself:  for instance, my ISP is  That translates to  If I had mail forwarding services, the sender would send
mail to the address I specify.  The forwarder sees that the e-mail came to
your address and isn't supposed to stay there, and so it then shuttles the
e-mail to your real address.

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