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Re: How can I show relative size of the planets with fruit?

Date: Tue Apr 16 21:14:41 2002
Posted By: James Steele Foerch, Instructor, Pine Creative Arts Academy
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1018972573.As

To Whom It May Concern:
     I ran some ratio and proportions in a spread sheet and suggest the 
following fruits for planet models. Scale diameters are given so you can 
take a caliper (ask the shop teacher) to the market.
Sun - giant, prize-winning pumpkin, 75 inches
Mercury- one pea, 1/4 inch
Venus & Earth - small radish, 2/3 inch
Moon - small pea, 1/5 inch
Mars - large pea, 1/3 inch
Jupiter - cantaloupe, 8 inches
Saturn - large grapefruit, 6 1/2 inches
Uranus - good sized peach, 2 3/4 inches
Neptune - smaller peach, 2 2/3 inches
Pluto - one drupelet of a raspberry, 1/8 inch

     Consumer warning label: This model of the solar system is good to eat. 
However, under no circumstances should you put real planets in your mouth 
for any reason.

J. S. Foerch
Veen Observatory
Lowell, Michigan

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