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Subject: What is the most recent new plant species discovered?

Date: Thu Apr 11 11:45:33 2002
Posted by David
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Area of science: Botany
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What is the most recent new plant species identified by scientists? When and 
where?  Since nearly all of our beneficial drugs and food supply come from the 
plant world, why doesn't the USA have a major, focused effort right now to 
identify new species? I would propose that all major US universities have a 
full-time team in EVERY Latin American and South American country that has any 
sizeable rain forest or "jungle" type area. This work is so vital to humans, it 
should be a major, daily effort on the scale of going to the moon or the first 
A-bomb team.  The U.S. government (and even OTHER governments) and also drug 
companies would be expected to be major financial sponsors, too. Thanks for 
your information and ideas on this subject.

Re: What is the most recent new plant species discovered?

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