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Subject: I would like to study chemistry ?

Date: Wed Jan 30 06:51:50 2002
Posted by Diane
Grade level: nonaligned School: Not applicable
City: Belper State/Province: Derbyshire Country: U.K.
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1012391510.Ch

Curently located in Belper Derby area .
As a painter I work with chemicals following artists recipes 
 would like to go back to basic s and  as much as I can from scratch  especially 
concerning lab proceedures,storage of chemicals,handling 
what would you suggest .I would like to study chemistry as a mature student any 
suggestions?As a childexperimented with chemicals but as I was studying art had 
to drop science subjects as I followe a specialized Fine Art Curricula -one of 
the courses I did was Science of Art -history and theory of Colour ect.
Physical properties of paint materials is the area I would like to explore can 
you suggest an appropriate path .I,ve explored conservation but one needs a 
chemistry basics.
Where should I start ?

Re: I would like to study chemistry ?

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