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Re: what technolgy has been used throughout the years that clinical psychology

Date: Wed Apr 17 17:50:39 2002
Posted By: Jose Roberto Lizama, M.D., Psychiatry, Instituto Salvadoreno del Seguro Social
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 1017852782.Ns

Dear Chelsea, The neurosciences in general have been the most benefited with the development of science. Before we could only rely on the clinical history, medical examinations and tests, the psychometric evaluations and maybe a brain X-ray study or an electroencephalography. Psychometric evaluations are written or oral tests designed to explore a particular ability or set of abilities. Now we incorporate new tools such as magnetic resonance imagery, computer assisted tomography, of the brain, to see its functioning. Never has it been possible to see how the brain works. For instance through the used of marked glucose, investigators have learned that the brain of schizophrenic patients has functional differences, specially on the frontal lobe, but hardly any structural hint of damage. Neurosciences, therefore, incorporates the traditional investigative tools, e.g., medical interview, blood and fluid examination, physical evaluations with the latest developments of medicine to uncover the secrets beyond the mental illnesses that time ago where conceived as "work of evil forces." Josť Roberto Lizama, M.D.

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