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Subject: How Fast Could You Get A Superconducor CPU To Go?

Date: Sun Apr 21 00:25:32 2002
Posted by Nathan
Grade level: 10-12 School: Winston Church Hill High School
City: Lethbridge State/Province: Alberta Country: Canada
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 1019363132.Cs

If you made a CPU out of a Superconductor, and cooled it it the required 
temperature, how fast could you get it to go? With no resistance you could 
increase the voltage to something like 10 volts or more, and decrease the amps, 
to keep the CPU alive, you would get a 1000 MHz CPU to run at 6666.66 MHz. That 
is if the voltage was a 1.5 to begin with.


Re: How Fast Could You Get A Superconducor CPU To Go?

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