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Subject: Nuclear DNA of pre-meiotic cells if use in cloning then?

Date: Tue Apr 30 00:47:42 2002
Posted by Jose L. Reyes
Grade level: grad (science) School: No school entered.
City: Manila State/Province: No state entered. Country: Philippines
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 1020142062.Ge

Dear Mad Scientist,

On what part of the body does the cells that will undergo meiosis originates or 
can be found?
Since it cannot be fertilized or be fertilized at that stage until it has 
undergone meiosis, can it be classified as a generalized cell?
If it is a generalized cell are all the chromosomes in the nuclear DNA of the 
said cell in quiescent stage?
Are the telomeres of the said cells has the same length as the other cells in 
the body or will it be different since it is intended for reproduction after it 
has undergone meiosis?
Would a clone arising from that nuclear DNA have a zero biological age at the 
onset of embryonic development?

Jose L. Reyes

P.S. My question if clones can look different from the nuclear donor (  ) was answered Matthew 
Eveland an undergraduate of molecular genetics, biology of pensacola junior 
college after a thorough research on it.  
I got the chance to see a the article of Sarah Hartwell, THE PROS AND CONS
OF CLONING (AND OTHER REPRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY TECHNIQUES)Copyright 2001, 2002  and on that article a clone cat has a 
different coat color that the nuclear donor.  Please forward this to Matthew 
Eveland so that he will also have an update.

Re: Nuclear DNA of pre-meiotic cells if use in cloning then?

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