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Subject: Can a vibrating unit be made from piezo ceramics?

Date: Sun May 19 00:00:52 2002
Posted by Luke
Grade level: undergrad School: Central Queensland University
City: No city entered. State/Province: No state entered. Country: Australia
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1021780852.Eg

I am a university student, and have project where I
have to design and build an object to produce similar
vibration to that of an insect. It also has to be
small, approximately 1cm x 1cm x 2cm. I was planning
to use piezo ceramics and a watch battery. Is this
possible? If so how would I do it (i.e. material
required, possible circuits)? Or is there another type
of circuit I could try besides a piezo ceramic one?
Any help you could provide would be greatly

Thank you

Re: Can a vibrating unit be made from piezo ceramics?

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