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Subject: The mechanics of an rolling up double cone.

Date: Wed Nov 27 07:38:09 2002
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This is a well-known demostration, an object go 'up' the inclined rods. I 
would like to know how to derive the equation of motion of the object. Let 
assume it is composed of two identical cones with their bases glued together. 
The object is supported by two diverging rods which are inclined. with some 
angle. The object rolls up or down depending on the divergence and inclination 
of the rods. The set up is like the following figure.

             ^        -------------------
         ---/ \-------
   ------  /   \
           \   /
   ------   \ /

Is rotation necessary? Can the object slide up?

Re: The mechanics of an rolling up double cone.

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