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Re: I have a picture of a plant that I need Identified

Date: Mon Dec 2 16:04:20 2002
Posted By: Eric Biddinger, Staff, 4-H/Youth Extension Educator, St. Joseph Extension
Area of science: Botany
ID: 1020129719.Bt

I would suggest contacting your local Extension Office. Talking to someone local who knows what is in your area is often the best way to go when identifying plants. If I read the my right, your local office would be:

MSU Extension Oakland County
1200 North Telegraph Road
Dept 416
Pontiac, MI 48341-0416
Phone: 248-858-0880
Toll free: (888) 350-0900
Fax: 248-858-1477

If this is not the right county, you can ask them to redirect you or you can check out the other Michigan State Universtiy Extension Offices.

For those of you not in Michigan, try starting here to find your local office

Hope this helps!
Eric Biddinger
Agriculture & Natural Resources Educator
Purdue Extension - Porter County

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