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Subject: Is there anyone doing studies on human evolution that is happening today?

Date: Mon Apr 8 18:09:45 2002
Posted by Stephen Fitch
Grade level: undergrad School: EVCC
City: Everett State/Province: Wa Country: US
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 1018303785.Ge

My family has a history of unusual 'birthmarks'. Usually the firstborn, often 
male, is born with a unique 'birthmark', which seems like a different step in 
evolution. Many of these are vestigal things and of no consequence, but some 
are unexplored and not understood. I am the first in my family to receive a 
very large number of these simultaneously. I was born with pinhole marks in my 
eyes and ears, an extra rib, abnormal bone, muscle and internal organ 
configurations, my tongue had to be cut free from my lower jaw when I was 
born, no tear ducts, I have an extra piece of brain about the size of a marble 
in the center of my head just above the hyperthalmus. Every time I see a 
doctor they seem to find something new. My doctor has gotten used to this, and 
even says things like, "Your liver appears to be abnormal, but that is normal 
for you." I seem to think, sense and experience things differently too, but my 
observations are not impartial. Is there anyone doing comprehensive studies in 
evolution that I could see and find out what the changes in me are and whether 
any are beneficial or harmful? So far none seem harmful, merely unusual and 
mostly vestigal I assume.

Re: Is there anyone doing studies on human evolution that is happening today?

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