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Subject: How do i reverse the polarity of a neodymium magnet?

Date: Wed Nov 27 18:05:50 2002
Posted by alan
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maybe i am going about this all wrong? as far as i thought i knew, i could 
reverse the polarity of a permenant magnet by running a current through a coil 
wrapped around the said magnet. instead should i be using an electromagnet to 
achieve the reversal?

my experiment:
i attached a neodymium mag to the edge of a 10cm diameter bearing and set it up 
with some more (fixed in place) neodymiums attracting it. i found that when i 
let the bearing move freely (from holding it) that the attraction pulled the 
whole assembly around to the nearest point, but to my surprise, the bearing and 
single magnet moved visibly past the greatest point of attraction before 
reversing and coming to rest at said point.

thus i thought that if i reversed the polarity of the fixed magnets after the 
mobile magnet had passed the nearest point the assembly would repel and 
the "problem" would be solved??

so thus my original question about reversing the poles. what would my best 
(simplest) way of going about achieving a continuous switching of a magnets 
poles be.

and again "most importantly would the push force the magnets generate be only 
equal to the power consumed to attain the reverse?"

Re: How do i reverse the polarity of a neodymium magnet?

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