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Re: What explanation for the photoelectric effect does not need photons?

Date: Tue Dec 17 22:47:27 2002
Posted By: David Winsemius, M.D., BA (physics), MPH
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1038827765.Ph

I cannot give you the alternative explanation, but I found some references 
that may be helpful. One of the authors was Wally Lamb from Yale.

Lamb, W.E., Jr. & Scully, M.O., 1969 The photoelectric effect
without photons, in: Polarisation matière et rayonnement,
Presses Univ Fr (Paris), 363-369.

Or another source suggests:
W. Lamb, M. Scully and L. Mandel(Progress in Optics vol.13)
This source is not available to me.

David Winsemius.

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