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Re: how many types of orchards are there?

Date: Fri Jan 17 21:16:28 2003
Posted By: David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA
Area of science: Botany
ID: 1042840126.Bt

An orchard is usually defined as place where fruit and nut trees are grown so 
there are easily over a hundred possible types of orchards. Trees grown for 
harvest of parts other than fruits or nuts are also often termed orchards, such 
as holly trees grown for cut Christmas greens or sugar maples tapped for maple 
sap. Coffee is also often referred to as an orchard crop. Forest trees that 
produce seed for commercial use are often termed seed orchards. Some pine seeds 
are edible and are sold in supermarkets as pine nuts.

A lot of fruits and nuts do not grow on trees so they would not be considered 
orchard crops. 
Fruits and nuts that don't grow on trees include blueberry, cranberry, grape, 
kiwi, passionfruit, strawberry, peanut, pineapple, and pomegranate.

Here are a few dozen orchard crops: 

acerola, apple, apricot, avocado, banana, breadfruit, che, cherry, date, 
durian, elderberry, fig, grapefruit, guava, juneberry, jujube, kumquat, 
jackfruit, lemon, lime, loquat, lychee, mango, moya, mulberry, mayhaw, medlar, 
nectarine, olive, orange, papaya, peach, pear, persimmon, quince, raisin tree, 
sapodilla, starfruit or carombola, tamarind, tangelo, tangerine  

acorns (oak), almond, beechnut, buartnut (heartnut butternut hybrid), 
butternut, carob, cashew, chestnut, chinkapin, chocolate, cola nut, coconut, 
coffee, ginkgo, hazelnut, heartnut, hickory, hican (hickory pecan hybrid), 
macadamia, pecan, pine, pistachio, walnut 

If you include different species of the above, such as oriental persimmon and 
American persimmon, Persion walnut and black walnut, shagbark hickory and 
shellbark hickory, you will easily have over one hundred.


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