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Re: Do monkeys eat tofu?

Date: Wed Jan 29 18:16:56 2003
Posted By: Rob Campbell, Ph.D Candidate, Oceanography
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 1043186020.Zo

Hi Amy:

An interesting question!
I ran this search at google - there are a couple of intersting things I found from that.
Firstly, in nature, it appears that (in general) monkeys will eat just about anything they can get their hands on - I suppose if one found a brick of tofu in their daily travels, it might at least give it a taste.
Secondly, one of the hits is for a type of "monkey chow" for animals kept in laboratories (link). The biggest ingredient in that particular brand of monkey chow is "Dehulled soybean meal", which is essentially what tofu is (albiet with a little more processing to turn it into tofu).

I'm sure there are lots of other differences between your roomate and a monkey though....

Hope that helps!
Rob Campbell, MAD Scientist

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