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Re: how would i get a spider to ingest alchohol

Date: Fri Jan 31 14:12:42 2003
Posted By: Clare Williams, Graduate, Environmental Biology Bsc.Currently working as a zoo education officer.
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 1043887127.Gb

I haven't actually tried this myself but I have read about experiments where scientists gave spiders different drugs to see how it affected their web designs. The book "Biology of spiders" by Rainer F.Foelix gives details of experiments done in the 1940's where caffine was dissolved in sugar water then a droplet on the end of a pipette was touched on the spiders mouth. You could try mixing a small amount of alcohol with some sugar if the spider doesn't take alcohol directly but be careful to dilute the alcohol or you may end up killing the spider! You could also try injecting the alcohol into a fly but this may be a bit tricky.
hope this helps. good luck with your project.

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