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Subject: What is the application for doing a simple project involving viscosity?

Date: Wed Jan 8 21:42:39 2003
Posted by Peter
Grade level: 10-12 School: Northwestern High School
City: Hyattsville State/Province: Maryland Country: Prince Georges
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1042080159.Ph

I'm doing a Science Fair project involving Viscosity where basically I'm testing the fact that the object that is most dense should fall the fastest through a given liquid. I'm dropping different size weights down a tube full of Karo syrup and timing how long each one takes. I'm trying to think of any application for this project or a reason why it's beneficial to science, which is really the question I have. I know that I'm not giving a lot of information and the project may not seem up to the High School level, but at this point in time it's all I have to go on. It is ultimately my fault that I didn't use the time I had to find a good project and start on it with ample time to do testing. I also realize that at this point it seems that no matter what I do the project may not come out that well, but I have to try. I hope you will be willing to help me in a any way you can, and I'm very appreciative for the fact that a website like this even exists. Thanks again!

Re: What is the application for doing a simple project involving viscosity?

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