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Re: How does temperature affect the run time of alkaline batteries?

Date: Thu Jan 16 03:29:18 2003
Posted By: Steve Nelson, Grad student, nuclear astrophysics Ph.D. program, Nuclear Lab, Duke University
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1042592336.Ch

Well, for data like that you do library research.  And when you find it, you give credit to the 
people who did the research, and compare theirs with yours.  You may or may not have access to a 
science library, but if you're accessing this web site you can do a lot of research online these 
days.  Basic search engines are a wealth of information on basic science questions.  Battery life, 
according to the response you were asking about (kudos to the MadSci administrators for looking 
that up for you) involve chemical reaction rates.  A google search of "chemical reaction rate 
temperature battery" (everything you could want) turned up this German page:

as its first search return.  It has the type of data you're looking for, I bellieve.  What's more, 
it has references to where it found much of its information, which you may be able to find.  And 
that was just the first item returned in the search.  Library research (which internet searches 
are a part of) can be tedious, but it's very valuable to learn how to do.

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