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Subject: How does gravity affect a water splash?

Date: Wed Jan 15 08:53:03 2003
Posted by Paul
Grade level: 10-12 School: No school entered.
City: Melbourne State/Province: Victoria Country: Australia
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1042638783.Ph

If I had a 50kg, 1metre radius ball, and dropped it from exactly 10 metres into 
a pool of water in a frictionless environment, with gravity at 1g, and measured 
the height of the splash, and it was...5 metres (for arguments sake), then did 
the exact same experiment in a frictionless environment with gravity of 2g, how 
would this affect the height of the splash?  Would the increase/decrease in 
accelleration of the ball on it's way down completely counteract the 
increase/decrease in deceleration of the water drops on their way up, and make 
the splashes exactly the same height?
I've talked this over with a friend, and we can come up with a possible flaw in 
the density change of the water at different gravity levels.  What about if we 
were able to keep the relative densities exactly the same?


Re: How does gravity affect a water splash?

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