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Re: How does cholesterol affect production of SEX HORMONES?

Date: Mon Feb 17 14:43:37 2003
Posted By: Erin Cram, Post doc, Molecular Biology
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 1045428477.An

Your body will make its own cholesterol.  See:

If inadequate amounts of fat or cholesterol are consumed, such as in 
anorexics as you mention, sexual development can be arrested.  For 
example, anorexic girls will be too thin to support menstruation, or to 
develop secondary sex characteristics such as breasts.  This is not 
necessarily because of the inability to manufacture steroid hormones 
though, since the hormones are fat soluble, some fat is necessary for the 
hormones to be stored appropriately.  Also, when the body is starving 
there are a lot of "feedback" systems that tell the body not to invest in 
anything non essential until conditions get better.  If the person is past 
puberty, the sex characteristics wont be lost, other than fat stores being 
used up.

Erin Cram, Moderator MadSci Network

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