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Subject: Why the dust on the TV screen is jet black?

Date: Sun Feb 16 12:47:52 2003
Posted by Farooq
Grade level: undergrad School: Karachi University
City: Karachi State/Province: No state entered. Country: No country entered.
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1045417672.Ph

Whenever I wipe the televison screen or the computer monitor with a tissue 
paper or a soft cloth , the wiped dust is ALWAYS black ie the tissue or the 
cloth becomes black, whereas the dust on other things such as a table has its 
normal brown colour. I live in a very clean area, a very few cars say ten cars 
pass by in a DAY, and this area is very far from the main city, so there is no 
question of polution. I was  wondering why is that so. The only reason that 
comes to my mind is that the screen attracts dust, but why it is jet black just 
like that of pure carbon, whereas the dust on other things is Not black. I have 
changed three houses in different localities and I had the same problem in all 
three. I have read on the internet that the dust attracted by the screens is 
slightly radioactive. HAs anyone noticed the same.

Re: Why the dust on the TV screen is jet black?

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