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Subject: Is it air pressure or sound absorbtion?

Date: Wed Feb 19 23:48:13 2003
Posted by jared
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City: whittier State/Province: ca Country: usa
Area of science: Physics
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I find that when you hold a balloon of mylar or latex filled with air or helium
in close proximity to many, not all, peoples ears they remark that they "feel"
pressure,as if they were changing altitude.  I have had the same experience but
am unconvinced if the sensation is due to pressure or sound absorbtion.  It is
not the same as holding a shell to your ear, or holding a solid surface next to
your ear.  It is not obvious, or does not occur, with inflated plastic bags or
air filled balls.  It is most remarked upon when an inflated mylar type balloon
is held approximately 5-15mm from the ear, with no obstruction such as hair.
Thank you.

Re: Is it air pressure or sound absorbtion?

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