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Subject: will a current flow in an object that is in an electric field?

Date: Sat Mar 22 22:31:12 2003
Posted by James
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Area of science: Physics
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I have a strong uniform electric field which is produced by a conductive sphere 
with high voltage electricity running to it.  I know that the voltage 
diminishes proportional to 1/r where r is a distance equal to the radius of the 
sphere.  If I where to place a conductive object in this field parallel to the 
electric field lines there will be a difference in voltage on either end of the 
object because of the difference in distance from the field source.  Will this 
difference in voltage force a current to flow and accumulate in the object?  
Even if itís not grounded?  How would I measure the amount of charge?

Re: will a current flow in an object that is in an electric field?

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