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Re: do you know of a site which i can access that has info on a supercomp

Date: Mon Mar 24 03:22:33 2003
Posted By: Yiannis Mavroukakis, Software Engineer
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 1017284574.Cs

Hi Logan,

I must admit I have never heard of a Duron 7000 @ 10,000 Mhz :) (are you 
referring to some sort of network consisting of AMD's Duron 
The current production CMOS technologies for manufacturing single 
processors do not yet achieve these  clock speeds  as yet - current .13 
micron and .16 micron CMOS technologies achieve clock speeds of 
between 1 and 5 GHz.  

However,effective MIPS equivalent to speeds like that can be "achieved" 
with multiple/parallel/distributed procs either in hardware or software 
mode. A  good distributed kernel patch for linux that creates a distributed 
node from any hardware you can get your hands on, is called Mosix and is 
free to download.

For links to super-computing I reffer you to 
part of the IEEE site.

Have fun,


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