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Subject: Flatness & an accelerating Universe

Date: Sat Mar 22 11:12:38 2003
Posted by Edward
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I am puzzled by the latest results of the MAP experiment and the 
evidence of an accelerating Universe.

The MAP result shows that the Universe is flat (//

My question is: How can it be flat AND accelerating?

In discussing the flatness of the Universe, Georg Gamow, in his 
"Mr Tompkins in Paperback" (page 28) states:

"Suppose you have objects distributed uniformly through space... 
and suppose you count their number within different distances from 
you. If this number grows as the square of the distance, the space 
is flat; if the growth is slower or faster, the space possesses a 
positive or negative curvature."

Surely, an accelerating Universe gives a negative curvature to 

Thanks for an interesting and informative website.


Ed Brown

Re: Flatness & an accelerating Universe

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