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Re: Will a clock run off the juice of an apple?

Date: Sun Apr 6 11:48:00 2003
Posted By: Fred M. Niell, III, Grad student, Physics, Univ. of Michigan
Area of science: Other
ID: 1049306373.Ot

The short answer is yes.  A clock that runs off a single AA battery will
work just fine.  Begin by getting a piece of copper metal and a piece of
zinc metal.  The copper and zinc metals create a battery with the
electrolytes in the fruit.  A lemon would work far better because the
citrus has much more acid.  The hydrogen from the acid in the lemon would
give more current from the battery, while the less acidic apple would give
less current.  However, apples have plenty of electolytes to operate a
small clock.  Even potatoes have enough electrolytes for a small clock.  I
would try and use an LCD type clock and not a mechanical one.  The
mechanical clocks use more current.  Perhaps a good experiment would be to
see how long a battery using different fruits and vegetables can run a clock.

Good luck.

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