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Re: What color is blood when it doesn't have the heme group?

Date: Tue Apr 15 18:36:22 2003
Posted By: Michael Watson, Biomedical Engineer currently Teaching Math/Biology
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 1049927041.An


Your co-teacher is correct.  When blood is fully oxygenated i.e. carrying 
two oxygen molecules, the conformation (shape) of the molecules allows 
blue and green light to be absorbed and redlight to be reflected hense 
giving it the red color.  However, when the cell is fully deoxygenated 
then the conformation of the molecules allows light from the orange 
spectra to be absorbed and reflecting blue light giving blood a blue tinge.

I have included an article that briefly explains this as well as its own 
refrences.  It does a pretty good job depicting the molecular 
transformation of hemagloin oxygenated and deoxygenated.



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