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Subject: Water? to energy, directly

Date: Fri May 2 06:53:17 2003
Posted by Tim
Grade level: nonaligned School: No school entered.
City: Ottawa State/Province: Ont. Country: Canada
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1051876397.Ph

In a forest fire, when the fire is too large or hot, they stop trying to put
water on it because it will only add fuel to the flames.
At what temperature will hydrogen and oxygen separate? Is it possible to
have high pressure water continuously hit that temperature to the point that
( as long as there's water ) it will run itself without any outside
forces? Can this be done in the lab.? If so it would mean never ending power
and the fuel would be only water.
> >
> My Original question can only be answered if the question " can you obtain
> more energy out of water than you put in " can be answered? Now I had seen a
> program ( show ) where they claimed they did have more energy come out of
> water than go in, and their argument seemed strong. It's been a few years
> since I'd seen it and at this time I have no names or show titles. There
> must be someone who has heard of it or something related to it?
> > If you have anything! Please send it.
> Thank you.

Re: Water? to energy, directly

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