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Subject: I have a theory, just wanted a scientist's opinion.

Date: Mon Mar 17 18:59:18 2003
Posted by Johnathan
Grade level: undergrad School: none
City: Jackson State/Province: MS Country: No country entered.
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1047945558.As

I would first like to say that I am not really a scientist, but from time to 
time I do have these ideas that pop into my head.  I'd just like to get 
someone's opinion on this theory I have, or maybe have someone explain to me 
why I'm wrong.  The other day I was riding in my car looking at the tint on my 
windows thinking how it needed to be replaced.  This me thinking that since 
it's about to get hot, maybe I should replace my black tint with mirror tint.  
Anyway, this made me question what I had heard about black or absolute black 
being the absence of all color.  My theory is that absolute reflection and not 
absolute black is the absence of all color.  I thought about it and although 
black is not considered a color, if you look at something that is black it 
projects it's own image, by absorbing all color.  However if you look at 
something that is an exact reflection, it neither absorbs light nor reflects 
its own image.  It projects an image of exactly what is projected onto it.  
This made me wonder if there was an example of this in the known universe.  
Then I remembered what I had heard about scientists now being able to see the 
end of the universe.  It seems I remember them saying that they didn't know if 
it were actually the edge of the universe or just a reflection.  Is there any 
connection, or am I just crazy with a bad memory?

Re: I have a theory, just wanted a scientist's opinion.

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