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Re: Deviations of Nuclear Medicine

Date: Tue May 27 08:35:50 2003
Posted By: William Lorenzen, Staff, Radiation Safety, Children's Hospital
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1053692943.Me

The decay of radioactive material will follow such a curve if that is the 
only process involved in the removal of the radioactive atoms.  However, 
once you administer such a material the body also eliminates it through is 
normal pathways like urine, feces, sweat, etc...

So it is not a true exponential removal (or decay).  The body also will 
retain some of this iodine in specific tissues/organs like the thyroid.

So simple measurements of a persons thyroid after an uptake is a very 
dynamic process with several removal pathways and some retention and 
even a 
small amount of recycling within the body.

What you plotted is the TOTAL removal rate and not just the 
radiological decay.


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