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Subject: How do cancer cells differ in structure compared to normal cells

Date: Fri Mar 14 00:08:39 2003
Posted by Whitee Ber
Grade level: 10-12 School: Bear River High School
City: Garland State/Province: Utah Country: USA
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 1047618519.Cb

I do know cancer cells have a larger nucleus and usually drown out normal 
cells. But, if a cancer cell doesn't passes through interphase or I'm getting 
the vibe it doesn't last as long as normal cells, then couldn't we 
differentiate its structure compared to other cells. Also if this is true 
couldn't we use some form of plasmolysis or such to starve or burst the cells. 
I am aware there is some form of that already with I believe some sort of iron 
because cancer cells allow more to come through their membrane. I just don't 
find any sense of having cancer cells looking EXACTLY like normal ones. Please 
ANY info would be taken with great gratitude.     

Re: How do cancer cells differ in structure compared to normal cells

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