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Re: How could people believe in spontaneous generation for so long?

Date: Wed May 28 23:16:41 2003
Posted By: Dr. Nagesh N Bhat, Post-doc/Fellow, Biophysics,
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 1051291557.Gb

It is not that only mythological people believed that life originated from 
non life but it is scientific too!! For that matter, believing that life 
existed since beginning or the life created by a divine is more 
mythological than thinking that life originated from non-life. The 
primitive cell was probably just a chemical engine, which later evolved 
into a more complex system like us. The need to face hostile conditions of 
environment and adoptive behavior of internal mechanism of cells and later 
on by the system i.e., organism, made the system more and more complex and 
sophisticated too. 

The obvious fact of male and female is still confusing. How about 
vegetative growth? How about division of bacterial cells? Obviously, in 
every growth, it is essential to consume non life materials like glucose, 
amino acids and many more. Hence, it is more philosophical to think that 
life multiplies using non-life. If it is so confusing to us to think 
whether life originates from life or from the non-life, there is no wonder 
people from earlier days believed that life originated from non-life or to 
give up the argument, they might even have surrendered their thoughts to a 
divine origin.

Cheeers. Have a glass of wine. It helps you to grow. But is it life or non-
life? Probably it is divine.

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