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Re: Is there a liqud that would make aviation fuel inflammable when mixed

Date: Tue Jun 24 14:25:37 2003
Posted By: Leslie Allen, Staff, Laboratory Chemist, Valero Refining Company
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1054816048.Ch

I would probably say there is some liquid or combination that when added to fuel would cause the flammability to decrease. The industries interested in this type of technology expand past the aviation industry. The petroleum industry operates refineries, pipelines, storage facilities, massive crude vessels, and much more. The military utilizes many vehicles that would benefit. And the Fire Fighters dispatched to fuel accidents. The aviation industry has introduced some approaches to limiting the flammability. Much of the research and testing dealt with displacing the oxygen required for combustion. The methods described an introduction of foam or an inert gas. The articles were retrieved from a Google search. Your question has such broad ramifications that I wouldn’t dare get more specific.

I saw many articles about your subject. I even saw an article similar to your situation. Polymer/Organic Synthetic Chemist love challenges, so many are probably working in the same arena. Have a safe and happy summer.

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